The Black Card  Account is a tax free account opened in an Offshore bank in Belize, Switzerland or Cyprus. While it is not recommended, you can use any name and address for your account. Transfers to your bank account can be done either via Wire Transfer, Sepa, Bitcoin or Ethereum. On both methods you have to inform us prior to make a deposit in order to receive a Payment Form.

Wire transfers will be done through an Intermediary Bank and must contain your account code in order for the transfer to be processed. Please note that all transfers are done manually to your account. Wire Transfers can take up to 4 business days and Bitcoin or Ethereum transfers will be processed automatically after 6 confirmations from the blockchain network. 

You will also receive 1 (one) Black Card for in USD or EUR currency. All cards are shipped from Belize, Switzerland or Cyprus with DHL Express and all envelopes have a security seal hologram. The download link for the BlackCard App will be in the envelope. The activation code for the App will be generated on your account after you activate the Black Card.

We strongly recommend the purchase and use of Blackphone 2 from Silent Circle which uses high encryption and has advanced security features. You can acquire BlackPhone 2 using this form. The App is working only for Android phones.

At the end of this application the bank application fees have to be paid in order to open the Black Card Bank Account.