100% Anonymous

NO ID is required as we will provide a one time use of another ID for you in order maintain the highest level of anonymity. You maintain sole control over your signature, account and funds at all times!

Black Card Guarantee

We do not require KYC, ID or Utility Bills for the Bitcoin Bank Account and for the free Black Card attached to the account. You can enter any name for the account and card and shipping address.

Tax Free Offshore Accounts

The Bitcoin Bank Account and Black Card are issued from offshore Class A banks in Belize, Switzerland or Cyprus. Equicex provides Bitcoin Bank Accounts in USD and EUR. Transfers ca be made via SWIFT, Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Enhanced Security

Encrypted Paper Wallet

Equicex Bitcoin Paper Wallet is the most secure way to keep Bitcoins safe from cyber-attacks, malware, etc. 

Authy Authenticator

Enter the soft token from the account in your Authy Authenticator App to login.


Enter the One Time Passcode sent to your phone to login.

Security Questions

Answer the three security questions you had set, to login.

Phone Call Verification

You will receive a phone call telling a one time passcode. You have to enter the one time passcode to login.

OTP Over SMS and Email

You will receive a one time passcode via SMS on your phone and your email.

Google Authenticator

Enter the soft token from the account in your Google Authenticator App to login.

OTP Over Email

You will receive a one time passcode via Email.


Bank Account
Black Card
Bank Account
Black Card

Still have questions?

Check our FAQ

How much time does it take to open a Black Card Bank Account?

It takes 2-4 business days to open a personal Black Card bank account and up to 7 business days to open a corporate account due to documents verification.

Which are the main features of the Black Card Bank Account?

  • 3 Offshore Locations : Belize, Switzerland and Cyprus
  • Can be loaded with Bitcoin and Ethereum or FIAT – USD, EUR
  • Unlimited deposits/transfer/withdrawals
  • Mobile Banking with encrypted fingerprint App
  • 1 Free USD/EUR Black Card included
  • Enhanced Security – min 3 security layers out of 15
  • Dedicated support line 24/7

What are the advantages of an offshore bank account?

Offshore banks are often located in jurisdictions that offer low taxation, or nontaxation, on deposits and gains. They also offer a degree of privacy, which insulates assets from scrutiny or seizure by tax authorities located in the depositor’s country of origin.

Can i open a corporate Black Card Bank Account?

Yes. Please email [email protected] with your request. Please note that we are unable to offer anonymous corporate bank accounts and you will have to provide the company documents.

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