IMPulse K1 Smartphone

Privacy is the new order! The 1st Consumer Blockchain Smartphone in the World! Buy the latest IMPULSE K1 with Bitcoin here.

What is IMPULSE K1?

We introduce to you the new and first consumer satellite smartphone, IMPULSE K1 BLOCKCHAIN SMARTPHONE. This is the first blockchain smartphone that has been made available for a wider audience. IMPULSE K1 BLOCKCHAIN SMARTPHONE have these wide array of Innovative Technologies:

VOBP (Voice Over Blockchain Protocol)

This technology allows users to communicate fully encrypted. All information, text, voice, media, documents are sent peer to peer and end to end encrypted. This eliminates third party companies and servers.

MATRIX ID (Infinite Accounts)

Every user can create an infinite amount of crypto account. Every wallet can be assigned one identity.

IPFS STORAGE (Interplanetary file storage)

All information like media, photos and docs are stored and encrypted on the IPFS platform, a peer to peer, decentralized file storage. The stored files are always available to access.

EWTL (Electronic Warfare Transmitted Location)

To protect all user’s privacy, the location service is using a special military technology to share and reveal location. Everything is transmitted encrypted and revealed in clear just to the user you want