Cyprus and Switzerland Bitcoin Bank Accounts

We have just partnered with 2 #offshore banks from #Cyprus and #Switzerland to offer you the BlackCard #Bitcoin bank account. Open online a tax free bitcoin bank account in Belize, Cyprus and Switzerland today.

The Bitcoin Bank Account and Black Card are issued from offshore Class A banks in Belize, Switzerland or Cyprus. Equicex provides Bitcoin Bank Accounts in USD and EUR. Transfers ca be made via SWIFT, Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Which are the main features of the Black Card Bank Account?

  • 3 Offshore Locations : Belize, Switzerland and Cyprus
  • Can be loaded with Bitcoin and Ethereum or FIAT – USD, EUR
  • Unlimited deposits/transfer/withdrawals
  • Mobile Banking with encrypted fingerprint App
  • 1 Free USD/EUR Black Card included
  • Enhanced Security – min 3 security layers out of 15
  • Dedicated support line 24/7